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A couple of days ago I was in the grocery store and ran into Radcliffe.

He said, "Hey, good looking!" and I looked up from the self-scanner. He was there with a girl who I've never seen. Could have been just a roommate, but I don't care.

I felt very awkward, and very ugly, because I hadn't showered in awhile, and I just wasn't feeling myself. He came and gave me a hug. It totally brightened my day, even though I felt awkward in the moment.

I'm doing sound design on one of the student films this semester, and he was the recordist for their shooting.

In audio class, we watched a funny short about a guy who goes home with a girl, and then clogs up her toilet. In the end, he escapes out the bathroom door because he's so embarrassed.

I've known Radcliffe long enough now to know his laugh.

At the first funny part of the film -- where the guy and girl are awkwardly NOT kissing in front of her doorway -- he laughed, and I laughed right after him. We sit at opposite corners of the room. I felt immediately embarrassed...I wonder if anyone noticed. I wonder if HE noticed.

When I found out he was a recordist on my project, I told him I was glad to hear his name mentioned, since I know he is committed to audio.

That's the update. Neither here nor there. Just -- the story so far.

11:40 pm - Thursday, Mar. 31, 2016


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