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playing dumb

Sometimes it's a real benefit that I'm naive, that I assume people aren't being rude to me.

I work at a convenience store located on a body of water, where we sell beer and gas. Oftentimes, the boats that drop by to fill their tanks are full of drunk people, or people who don't know how to drive a boat, or even pump gas. (It's more difficult when you're on a dipping, moving boat.)

Anyway, the other day I was reading a book for class while womanning the register. A lady came in and said, "so do you sit here all day and watch people make fools of themselves while they try to fill up?"

I said something like, "well no, I try not to, are you having an issue with your gas tank?" I said it in earnest, not understanding that she was poking at me a bit.

Moral of the story: expect the best in people. You may be naive, but if you're not offended, you'll automatically "play dumb," and de-escalate the situation.

1:10 am - Friday, Apr. 08, 2016


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