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i'm not your baby

Last night I dropped by a convenience store and the cashier said, "Thanks, gorgeous," as I left.

And the other day at work and old dude called me "baby" at the end of a sentence.

I was okay with the former, but the latter put me on edge. Should both of them have worried me, though? The thing about being at work is that I can't really leave, and I usually work alone, so harassment is more of an issue.

Another thing to consider is that lately, I look the worst I've ever looked. I'm super tired and stressed all the time, and college has made me gain weight.

So although it's nice to hear I'm lookin' fly, it's pretty hard to believe.

Perhaps they sense my high amounts of stress, and are trying to cheer me up. Or perhaps they're sexist creeps. I'm not a fan of someone I don't even know calling me "baby." I'm not your baby, dude.

The guy at the convenience store was probably ten years my junior, and the guy near my work was probably 15-20 years my senior, and graying.

2:13 am - Monday, May. 09, 2016


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