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money wisdom & junk food

I just read this, it was another FB comment on someone else's post:

"Try to stay focused and not let the lack of money stress you out. Being stressed about it won't make you have any more. Might as well enjoy what you can because worry usually doesn't bring anything positive."

Love it.

Also, today I binged repeatedly on various unhealthy foods. I've been thinking about them over and over -- not good! Do you want a list? I'm ready to e-purge it:

-Small Queso and chips
-Klondike Bar
-Snickers Ice Cream Bar
-2 small bags Ms. V's Jalapeno Chips
-2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-2 iced coffees (one was without sugar, at least)
-a Clean Energy drink (not so bad)
-leftover noodle & veggie soup
-peanut butter crackers
-2 iced teas - one green, one herbal
-glass of vinho verde

OKAY THAT'S IT! I'll have no more of myself. Tomorrow will be much, MUCH better.

I do think this binge fest stemmed from feeling like I can't please anyone, and I can't please myself, either, so why not stuff my face? I'm always letting someone down lately, because there is no time and no money. There's not really even money for all this junk food, but it felt better -- while it was in my mouth, not my stomach.

So this is partly about low self-worth. That, combined with my not having had a breakfast, and working at a convenience store where business is very slow indeed.

I occasionally binge, but it's never THIS bad. So I need to pay attention to that. This isn't me, this isn't your typical Z behavior.

I was stressed out about responding to an email from a director. I wonder...had I responded earlier, would I have binged as much? Maybe so, maybe not. But it's not wise to avoid things, either way.

Tomorrow I will eat salad, veggie soup, seaweed, a lil' bag o' cashews, and probably a sandwich. And lots of water. And a vitamin. Tomorrow is another day!

9:00 pm - Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016


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