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Pro. As in, professional.

Do you ever find yourself writing an email, and overanalyzing it? Sometimes I hold my breath and just press send. It's gotta go at some point! LET IT GO!

Perhaps I'm psyching myself up, making myself think I'm so busy that I have to just SEND SEND SEND really quickly. Because if an email is written hastily, of COURSE it could say what you didn't mean.

It's not YOU, it's your busy-ness. If the recipient can't understand, it's because they have less on their plate. Neener neener, you win.


I love the people I work with at the internship. They're the best. They are appreciative and kind.

We're about to go into the depth grading process (it's in 3D,) and a lot of ducks aren't in a row. We're running against a deadline. But these people are dedicated and angelic. This is how every job should be.

They're paying me here and there, what they can. It isn't a job, but the cash they've been able to provide every now and again really does help. I'm still worried about finances, but who isn't? And when it's all over, I'll...get back to delivery, and looking for a real job.

One of the supervisors called me a PRO. Noting it here, and in my mind, so I can remember that.

The college newspaper may have misattributed my title on purpose, but I was just called a pro by a person who actually matters.

1:44 am - Thursday, Sept. 01, 2016


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