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So, hatch chile chips and jalapeno hummus tonight. Spice.

I just downloaded a game called Stardew Valley, and while it's a bit cute, I wish I could connect with people on it -- you know, like a Farmville sort of app. Playing with NPCs just isn't as fun.

Anyway, NPCs aren't going to really desert you because you alienated them when you were drunkish.

People don't stick around I guess. Neither do I, perhaps. It's easier to make internet friends, but that's not enough. It's something, though.

This is a place I can speak freely about things, and I'll continue to do so, because to hell with it.

As has been said in various ways: if you can't be honest in your own journal, where can you breathe?


My director liked the trailer, made some commentary on it, and I'll continue with a second draft tomorrow.

In private, she once told me a story about an incident that happened when she was trying to be a cinematographer in England.

It was her first real gig, after loads of attempts.

She's fifty or sixty something now, so you've got to remember this was a different era.

She was invited to her director's house for dinner, and he had a wife and a new baby. At one point, he handed the kid to her, and said, "it'll be good practice."

She was unmarried at the time. She said, "All I could think was that I wanted to hold a camera, not a baby."

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