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pen and paper, actionable goals

In the lab again. I find it difficult to start, every single time I show up here.

I will make a plan. There's a method, the SMART method, that I'm going to employ on paper, because for whatever reason, my brain likes pen and paper.

There is no real reason why I shouldn't love myself.

I was thinking today about how I'm a very organized person. I'm really good at keeping things in places where I'll remember them, in a fashion where say, my co-workers could re-find something if they needed to.

I insist on the same kind of organization at home. It makes me feel a little more in control, and makes life easier. I'm pretty good at organization.

I have every reason to be optimistic, and every reason to trust my instincts.

I have GREAT instincts.

1:40 am - Thursday, Oct. 06, 2016


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