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reverend horton hears a who

Last night I went with Carolyn to see the Rev. Horton Who.

(As usual, it's really some other similar band name, and some other similar first name for my friend.)

Carolyn is a new Austinite. She has lived here before, and she has moved around a good bit for someone aged 28. She was a former roommate for about 4 months, and then moved out to spend the last few months of her father's life with him.

After his death, and some time to help her mother mourn, she has returned to Austin. So for her, this is real progress. She couldn't be happier to be back in a big city with venues and quirk and personality.

I say all this to show you that her eyes are starry for Austin.

Anyway, as we walked up to the concert venue, I thought to myself, "Wow. I am not at all going to fit in here. I am just not hip enough."

And then she says, "I just love Austin, because everyone has a place here, you can be as weird as you want."

I didn't tell her what I had been thinking. I wonder if she could read my face? If she could, it's hard to determine whether or not she was being kind or a jerk.

Anyway, the concert was fun. She has seen the artist eight times live now. I have an idea of what psychobilly and rockabilly are, so that's cool. The costumes were nifty.

In between sets, I went outside with her to have a smoke, and we talked about various things...

She is an extreme introvert, and so am I, although less so than her. Neither of us needs much social interaction, although currently I have a dearth of it.

She doesn't do emotions, and I am flooded in them.

She doesn't want to be in a relationship ever, or have kids. She hates compromising on just about anything.

At the concert, her eyes were all over the place, soaking it all in, uninterested in the interpersonal part of concertgoing. She's big on travel, and the only times I'm a little annoyed by her boasting are when it relates to a 'travel brag.'

We both avoid people, and have a hard time keeping friends, because if they piss us off, we bolt without thinking twice.

She says she's not "a good person," but I don't really believe that. We've always gotten on well, probably because we have much in common.

Still, there's that saying from Maya Angelou: "When people show you who they are, believe them."

I think I have a kinship with her. We really don't keep in touch with our friends...and then we wind up not having friends. Then, with the at-arms-length friends we DO have, we don't stick around for bad behavior. We're "DONE," as she put it.

The difference between us though, is that not having friends really bothers me, and it doesn't bother her. Well, or so she says. She can be a bit of a braggart, but I don't really mind.

And she was a bit of a jerk last night -- I hadn't slept in 20 hours, and leaned on a nearby car for support. She said, "don't do that, it's rude," and so I apologized (why, Z?!) and got off the car.

After that, she said of herself, "and that was also rude, because we're all adults here." I told her, "it's fine, I'm not worried about it." (Honestly though, I was annoyed, because I wouldn't do that to someone, good lord.)

She wasn't aware of my sleep deprivation, whatever.

She likes sports and live music and history and politics and whatnot...I do not. Perhaps that'll be a clash.

Still, there's that old adage: just because you like PBJ and Sally hates it, doesn't mean you can't be friends.


Earlier in the day, I hung out with R's friends, Shannon and Danny. They have three children.

I realized that I don't fit in with the friends who have kids, and apparently I don't fit in with the friends who go to rock concerts, either.

Oh, well. Rock concert friends, it is.

NO: improv friends it is! Because fuck it, I'm not going to abandon my hobby just because my concert going friends hate improv!

1:47 pm - Monday, Oct. 31, 2016


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