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the happy introvert

Some people are sad because they think about death.

Some people are sad because they're not dead yet, they suffer so much.

Some people are unhappy because they don't have what they want.

Some people are unhappy because they got where they want. Either their desire isn't what it cracked up to be, or they have nowhere to go now that they're on top.

Why are people happy? I'll tackle that another day.

Back to work.

I'm copy-pasting about 100 job ads, because tomorrow I lose access to the school's job board site.

Quick thought: the best things in life aren't things, right? So what about the introverts? Introversion does not equate to materialism.

But maybe our introvert interests become our 'people.' When we don't want people around, that is...

Went to a potluck today. 200 people in attendance. After 2 hours and 45 minutes, it dawned on me: I'm done here. And so I left.

It's very freeing to know it's time to leave, and have zero guilt about leaving.

11:22 pm - Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016


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