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another day

My mother's side of the family is probably mad at me.

I didn't go to Thanksgiving or even really call.

Well, I broke my phone in half out of frustration with myself. So it doesn't work. But they don't know that.

I hope my electicism is understandable. I'm closer to that side anyway.

Yesterday I was at the local coffee shop, and I heard an amazing song, "My Time" by Mackintosh Braun. It's not embeddable, but here's the link:

My Time

Tomorrow I teach another Avid lesson. It's time to get back to it.

I am determined to count my blessings. To appreciate the moments when depression isn't navigating the course. To accept my feelings and thoughts, and not blame myself, to leave judgment at the door.

With myself and my internet friend Jenn, it is the same: we're not actually negative, moody, and hopeless. We just feel that way sometimes. The depression isn't us. These moments are flare ups of not being ourselves. We'll get back there, to ourselves.

8:54 pm - Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016


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