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vroom vroom, 2017!

It's day ONE!

I am excited. I'm done with last year. I don't blame the four digit "2016" for being the worst ever. It's just an increment of time.

Today I'm going to be cleaning, probably throwing a frisbee around with R, and maybe we'll even bake a cheesecake for the neighbors who gave us a pumpkin pie randomly at Thanksgiving. They've also given us 3 loaves of bread over the months, as one of them works at a bakery.

I don't believe you need to make your resolutions prior to midnight, or even by the end of Day 1, but when I have them, I'll post them.

Looking at last year's posts around this time, it appears as though I never made resolutions.

On my computer's desktop is a document called "2016 Goals," and oddly enough, I got most of them done. They weren't huge goals, admittedly. Some of them were more about getting the more immediate stuff done.

The list:

-Go to finaid, resubmit plea for aid in Spring (done)
-Send email to get into VR class (done)
-Jan. 11th - sign up for classes again (done)
-Go in and look at footage for your 2 stories (nope, this got passed along to the editor because I didn't have time)
-Find out again how to save properly the documentary (eek...nope)
-Finish 3D film (never happened)
-Finish screenplay? (nah)
-Call Car Clinic (done)
-Find another possible email for Prof. A, email her again about auditing (done)
-Find a therapist again (DONE! YAY!)
-Do Taxes (done)
-Hang with tea gal again (done - she wasn't my type anyway)
-Get some rollerblades! (no, sadly)
-Get a computer + the editing apps you need (dad wants to buy this and give me a long term loan, but I don't feel comfortable owing that much money)

I even had a long entry I never posted about what occurred in my life in 2015. It became long and rambly...maybe I'll finish it at some point so it's not just sitting there on my desktop.

On the 4th I have orientation for the uber-ish dogwalking service. I hope it goes well, and I think it will.

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