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2017 New Year's Resolutions

Today I finally sat down to write resolutions.

Some of them are fun, some practical, some heart goals. There are 31, which seems fitting, as I turn 31 this year.

(EDIT: I added two, so it's 33. Whatever.)

2017 Goals:

-Get a job


-Get a dog

-Level up in dog walking at the shelter (they have a behavior program with 'levels')

-Try Woof! (it's Uber for dog walking, and an interesting side gig--the company's real name is something else)

-Do taxes

-Get right w/student loans

-Get right w/bank (no overdrawn CC)

-Finish K9 Expert vids

-Knock it out of the park w/Avid training (Google
Docs, Videos)

-Finish Concert editing

-Make a reel


-Update LinkedIn

-Get business cards

-Get a business card holder

-Get an agenda (planner)

-Exercise 3x/week, schedule it in planner

-Eat healthier, strive for veganism

-Get better sleep hygiene!!!


-Get out of the house more

-Get into at least ONE improv class

-Attend Eeyore's B-day

-Hike w/R

-Be more communicative (calls, text, email)

-Admit you're addicted to Facebook and take a hiatus of at least 1 month

-Try going on an antidepressant

-Continue w/enneagram meetings!

-Do stuff w/friends

-Finish up the Konmari method!

-Ask more for what I want and need. Practice assertiveness.

-Continue writing in journal! Aim for at least 2 entries/week. (Total: 104 entries)

So far I'm doing pretty well on that last goal.

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