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roommate of yore

I just read an entry from May 2, 2008.

I briefly mentioned my first roommate at UT, who dropped out because it was too expensive to continue, and she found a good job anyway. Not sure if she ever graduated.

She was a psych major, and then switched to film. Apparently that's a trend.

Well, lo and behold, she's in an improv troupe now in our city! Two troupes, actually! Crazy.

It feels strange to run in the same circles but not know each other. I'm sort of relieved that she isn't in the mental health support group we've formed on FB.

This time around I'm the poor one, and she has money.

I don't hate her for it though, is the difference.

She got married last year, and according to LinkedIn, has had several jobs since college -- some film-related, some not.

We have 19 friends in common, most through improv.

I had blocked her because she defriended me. Now that she's unblocked, I can see all sorts of info.

Social media's a funny thing.

She seems less tortured than I am, and far more conventional.

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