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real self not pictured

I'm looking at my graduation photo, the framed one my dad sent me in the mail.

I want to break it and throw it in the trash.

It's not that I'm not proud to have graduated 7 months ago, it's that I've evolved. Already. I'm not that girl anymore.

And I don't really feel like remembering her.

Not when my present is so much more important.

She had a lot more to be sure of. Work hard? Get decent grades.

Worked hard, got decent grades. Check.

But I'm after life, now. Not some degree.

I'm not supposed to be here, not supposed to be in Austin.

But I think being alive is probably something I'm supposed to do. I'm a good person, after all. And that's something, especially in these times.

We need more somebodys and nobodys saying things, these days. Our silence will not protect us. --as Audre Lorde says.

4:18 am - Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017


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