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Grandma, and Marianne

It looks like my grandfather had another wife before my grandmother...

Finding this out now. Grandma died on the tenth of this month, of March.

The other lady was named Marianne.

I'm not supposed to know about her.

Tonight my stepdad was going over history from my mother's side of the family. To get a grip on where I'm from, I suppose. He's immersed in his new hobby, genealogy.

My mom was present too, and we were all in the living room looking at the screen, when I saw the marriage connection between Marianne and my grandfather.

I asked, who is Marianne ******?

I asked three times, and my stepdad went silent. Mom said, "that was a mistake, that's not supposed to be in there."

And she said it angrily, like I never should have asked.

Thanks, Ancestry website? Also, thanks, intuition.

Granddad is pretty near perfect, but I guess we all have flaws.

I wonder if she died, or they didn't get along after all, and divorced? I wonder if there was some drama between Marianne and my grandmother? I hope not.

Also -- no rude or raunchy comments on this post. My family has experienced quite enough this month.

11:57 pm - Saturday, Mar. 25, 2017


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