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Well, I was dogsitting for four days recently, a collie near Town Lake.

Never met the dog's parents, except for internet stalking, and of course information provided via text.

I learned through facebook that the guy I lost my virginity to dated the dog's mom for a few years -- somewhere around three.

At the time I met him, he had just gotten out of a relationship, and I'm pretty certain it was with her. It was a bad breakup. She spontaneously brought people into their bedroom and wanted a threesome or foursome, and he was wholly unprepared.

Anyway, it was strange. Usually those arrangements come with a conversation first. There's typically a, "hey, wanna fuck other people together?" type of discussion.

But I digress.

The woman is with a really ugly guy now. The guy we "shared" was beautiful, and he's still fairly handsome. He too has met a woman he loves.

So we're all still a little interconnected, I suppose.

He paired off, she paired off, I paired off.

It's a nice lesson in "everything works out in the end."

I was never, EVER supposed to end up eternally with the guy I lost my virginity to. Our little fling lasted maybe a month.

And apparently he and the collie mom weren't to stand the test of time, either.

It all works out, somehow, some way.

6:11 pm - Thursday, Apr. 13, 2017


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