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apathy and flat tires

Suicidal today, a bit.

Eating cherries, frozen. Beer! Ramen. Ezekiel bread!

I went to an Authentic Relating Games this week. It was at a tea house.

There was a guy there, Daniel. He is so unbelievably attractive. I'm not kidding. Jesus.

Salt and pepper hair, but smooth skin -- like a 30 year old. Brown eyes. Tall and thin. So sexy.

I met him once before, in December. He was my partner in one of the games.

I had only attended the Games one time -- and then returned this week. And he was there.

Oh, well.

I need to move away. Stat.

I need to get up and do something.

I've been fucking catatonic for days now. I feel no motivation whatsoever.

My tire is flat. It has been flat for 3 days and I've done nothing.

I think the tire is more a metaphor for the rest of my life. I'm doing nothing, and I just don't care.

Because in a sense, I feel that no one cares about anything. Not really. They just say they do.

4:04 pm - Tuesday, Apr. 18, 2017


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