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ancient wedding items

It seems Grandpa (paternal) isn't doing so hot.

He has three choices:

- don't treat his cancer
- try a trial (but we aren't allowed to know how other trial participants have been doing)
- try a new drug that ISN'T a trial, but is unlikely to work

So, it's not looking great.

It's hard on my dad, and of course everyone close to my grandpa.

I don't know grandpa that well.

I'm not sure what else to say, really.

Bumped into a box full of my parents' wedding stuff. They married in '85 in a shotgun wedding, and split in '96.

Okay, so there were no guns involved, but you get the picture -- unplanned baby, voila marriage!

The box contained my mother's wedding shoes, which didn't fit me, some tacky looking garters, a wedding "book" of gifts given, a cake topper-y thing, bird feed sachets, personalized napkins, and many greeting cards. Oh, and a cake server.

The wedding color was peach.

My dad doesn't want the stuff, and asked me to see if my mom wanted it. She won't want it...

And I came here on a bus, so if I want any of it, I have to pay for an extra ticket to lug it with me.

I don't want to lug it with me.

However, the cake server is pretty interesting. I think that's small enough to take. We could polish it, and use it for our wedding.

I'll look at the greeting cards tonight.

So long, old wedding stuff!

4:30 pm - Thursday, Aug. 03, 2017


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