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even Simon, who is younger than me, says I'm young

Oh, God! It's Friday the 13th! No wonder I'm feeling a bit depressed.

That, and I'm leaving my fiance behind so I can make a go of my career.

Film editing is the career!

People tell me I'm young, so I figure it's a good time to take big risks, like moving across the country on a shoestring budget.

I don't think they expect me to take my youth this far.

Jack says "Darwin will take care of the stupid people."

But I'm daring, not stupid. I'm not going to move to Compton or something.

Although I admit, some light research on the Tenderloin in SF has proved fascinating and sad.

They have human feces on the street, and drug deals in broad daylight on many street corners. You can't walk there at night, and you shouldn't walk there in the day.

Don't stare at anyone, and don't take any photos.

I read a news article about a playground in the Tenderloin where a kid slid down the slide and into an old needle on the ground.

There are now volunteers who walk the area picking up needles for public safety.

There are public service people, and do gooders, as in any community. In a place like the TL, they must feel like they're making a REAL difference.

Needle Patrol sounds much more appealing than pushing paper, except when you accidentally contract a disease.

2:31 am - Friday, Oct. 13, 2017


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