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"Other people don't have to be okay with your decisions - only you do."

- Kati Morton

I am on day 3 at my new place in LA. My roommate is nearing 74, and tonight told me about how he wants to help edit my resume, and I need to get to it, etc. "Get off your butt," was I believe his quote.

Here's the thing: I've gone from one old man to another in terms of roommates, and I definitely don't need another parent.

The roommate means well -- but I'll never room with someone this age ever again - this guy has ruined it. People about to die insist that they help you with things you don't want to be helped with -- not because they care about YOU, but because it gives THEIR life meaning. In Cosby's words, "Grandma is nice, because she's trying to get into HEAVEN now."

I remember re-entering college at age 28 and feeling the same desire -- the want to help someone younger than I. In the end, the girl used me every chance she could, so our friendship ended. I'm still relieved it did.

But I'm not using this roommate, and I don't think I overadvised or overhelped my ex-friend. In fact, she sought help over and over. For stuff she could clearly do herself. It was ridiculous.

Lastly, as for his "get up and stop being lazy" speech: I have hardly slept the past three nights. And yet, every single day I have been productive, highly so. When I turned in the rental car today, after three days of taking it everywhere I could to get settled, I finally gave myself a break to sleep. Because I desperately needed it.


"Other people don't have to be okay with your decisions - only you do."

- Kati Morton

7:08 pm - Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017


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