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Kati Morton is a youtuber who talks about all manner of things related to psychology.

She made a video called "How Do I Know If I Need Therapy," or something similar.

In it, she speaks of feeling tearful regularly, and says that's a sign that she needs to go back into therapy. So: tearfulness = go into therapy. For her personally.

I guess I'm writing this because I have felt a little tearful and hopeless lately. I still have 9 pills left of prozac from when I quit taking it, so I'm thinking about a week and a half of getting back on the horse.

It's important to express yourself...I think if I had a therapist and/or improv class to take, that would help.

But certainly journaling can help, too, and it's free. :)

I have two networking events today and I don't really want to go to either. It'll be good, it'll be great.

I'll finally make it to Santa Monica and maybe see a beach! (I haven't bothered to take a bus to the beach yet, because it takes 2 hours to get there.)

Okay, it's time to wash my face and put on some make up. I think some folks do that and feel better.

Look Nice -> Feel Better. Okie dokie.

2:40 pm - Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018


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