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nosy roommate

I am telling myself I want to go to the gym.

Z, you want to go to the gym. You'll feel better afterward.


Why do other people want me to have plans?

"What are your plans for the day? The weekend?"

These are things that R would ask me, and now tonight, my roommate is asking.

I can understand a little why R might wonder about my plans -- we're engaged. We lived together.

But with my roommate, we're two ships passing in the night. I rarely see him, because I'm always in my room, or out of the house.

I pay him rent on time, and I don't bother him. We converse every now and then. So why does HE want to know my plans?

It's annoying.

He's not my parent, and I hope he realizes that. I think he does, but he calls me "kiddo," and I really don't like that. I've sort of adjusted to it.

He's 74.

I have a feeling that his want to know my plans stems from something more than just logistics.

But logistics is all he need concern himself with.

7:36 pm - Friday, Jan. 12, 2018


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