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Anne V. Coates

I love how she saunters by the sexism and gives no fucks:

"There were some wonderful women editors who helped inspire me to go into editing in England. In a way, I’ve never looked at myself as a woman in the business. I’ve just looked at myself as an editor. I mean, I’m sure I’ve been turned down because I’m a woman, but then other times I’ve been used because they wanted a woman editor."

And this, this I can relate to:

"Anne had expressed her desires to work in film, but her uncle had reservations. He attempted to break her spirits by having her cut many of the religious films he was producing. His hope what that she would lose interest in the industry and return to her work as a nurse. However, Anne found the work invigorating."


1:57 am - Saturday, Feb. 03, 2018


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