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spend time at your alma mater tomorrow, Z.

Sometimes taking care of yourself means working really hard, and putting yourself through the paces. Pushing further than you think you can go.

Sometimes taking care of yourself is giving yourself a break, taking a bath, meditating.

Both are self-care.

Today I am sick with what is probably the flu. Day 4 of it. Tomorrow, I know that I will have a negative amount of money in the bank. I am unemployed.

This is a phase. A season. I will get out of this. I will be okay. I love R, and he loves me. I am still a strong woman. I have struggled, and so I am strong. I will struggle more, and become stronger.

And strong people cry. They are afraid. But they carry on.

They take baths, and they fight the good fight.

Don't give up yet.

7:48 pm - Sunday, Feb. 04, 2018


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