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on agreeableness - one of the big 5 personality traits

From an article on the website Fast Company:

"The personality trait that psychologists call 'agreeableness' describes how motivated you are to get along with other people. If you’re highly agreeable, that motivation can sometimes prevent you from sticking up for your own interests. Anytime you ask for something at work, you run the risk that you’ll be told 'no'–and possibly aggravate the person you’re asking. As a result, agreeable people may be put off from asking in the first place.

This can be a problem, because research suggests that agreeable people tend to make less money than disagreeable people (even accounting for the fact that disagreeable people lose their jobs more often)."

The bolded part is the one I want to emphasize, and remember.

Even if they lose their jobs more often, they still make more money than the agreeables! Wild.


8:13 pm - Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018


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