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Iago and I saw a film last night, prior to its release.

It was at a local museum where they show interesting stuff...

Anyway, Jeff Goldblum was there. It was a dog movie.

I was sick as a dog because I haven't gotten to see a doctor yet.

Really wish I could have enjoyed it more.

He wasn't super pleased that I agreed to meet him and hadn't resolved my health issue, whatever this is.

I don't think he likes me anymore. It's too bad...I guess. I think I like everything about him.

He mentioned his dead mom yesterday for the first time. I didn't inquire about her, didn't want to get into a difficult subject if he didn't want to. Now I wonder if that was the right move...HM.

I wasn't much fun last night. Most of my energy was spent suppressing a cough. Through the movie, the Q&A, dinner, the drive.

At the end of our evening, he said, "What was your favorite part of the movie?" I was vague, because the real answer is, I was waiting for every loud explosion so I could cough into my coat.

There aren't very many explosions in Wes Anderson movies, as it turns out.

Oh, Iago.

1:44 pm - Friday, Mar. 16, 2018


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