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Iago and I had sex last night four times. Your girl's a hoe!

I'm feeling pretty neutral and weirdly positive about the whole thing. I like him. He seems to like me.

When I kissed that girl in the Castro spontaneously months ago, I felt a deep shame, I felt absolutely awful.

But with Iago? I'm just mildly happy, and a little paranoid perhaps. There are things about him I don't like. I'm oddly okay with myself right now. I'm having no mental breakdown, no tears.

Actually, the only tears I've had are over Iago -- he's talking about leaving LA for Atlanta.

I think I'm mostly "okay" because after a week of obsessing, I finally have an answer. We will hang out, sometimes have sex, and it will all be pretty casual. Maybe last night was the last time. We'll see.

He's not great at sex, but I think maybe he could learn.

I'm about to head out to get ice cream with a sound mixer. I'm not sure if he thinks it's a date or not. I don't want it to be a date. He is a beautiful greek guy.

The diversity in LA is incredible. I love it here.

I hope I don't have HPV now. He said he was clean, and so was I.

I don't think I'll tell R. The whole thing is fairly meaningless, anyway.

7:01 pm - Sunday, Apr. 29, 2018


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