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my fingers weaving through his hair...

This weekend has been fun...

I turned 32 this weekend, on Friday.

That night, I hung out with Iago, and we didn't immediately start having sex, which I was very glad of. We talked about editing, about our hobbies.
The next day, I got my fingerprints for my new job at the temple, then threw my party at a bar, and then it was off to BCPC.

After that, Iago and I walked back to his place, but on the way back stopped at Amoeba Records, dipped into a pop up clothing store, and stopped for animal fries at In and Out.

Then we had pretty decent sex, and I woke up and threw up in his sink a little bit. Ew, oh well.

That next day, we walked five miles to the tar pits, and stopped by The Grove to just walk through it, rather than buy anything.

The Grove is a large outdoor shopping mall, and it's incredibly fancy. The funniest fancy thing about it is the PARKING LOT. You walk in, and it's like walking into a luxury hotel. I'm serious. There's a concierge and everything!

There are white marble bathrooms, and a bathroom attendant. She offers either paper or cloth towels for drying off your hands. And only the best handsoap for THIS parking garage. It's honestly so absurd.

But it's funny.

Fresh flowers, art on the walls, carpeting in a semi outdoor area -- they've got it all.

The tar pits were the most romantic of our adventures. We stopped by Trader Joe's on the way to pick up lunch, then sat in the park and read books. He was reading one about comedy, and becoming funnier. I was mostly reading over his shoulder, because I wanted to read the same book. He borrowed it from the library.

There was also a flea market of some sort, three dollars for entrance. Neither of us felt we needed to partake. We also saw a pudding truck. As in, a food truck that specializes in pudding. Hilarious.

After sitting in the park weaving my fingers through his hair for oh so long, he opened up to me about his mother who died when he was 21. He felt a lot of guilt at the way he treated his mother in her last few months of life. He rebelled a lot...but that's pretty normal, for a 21 year old. He was also in charge of EVERYTHING regarding the funeral. All his dad could do was lay out his credit cards so that his son could plan the service, the burial, all of that.

Since then, they have sort of mended ways, but I'm not sure it has all really gone away. It was ten years ago, Iago is 31 now.

Then we went to Milk, an ice cream parlor. Had the grasshopper, a decadent ice cream sandwich, and split it.

Then back to his place, for more sexy time...

Then woke up to more sexy time, and oatmeal. We must have had sex eight times in the past three days! Geez.

Then I went to best buy to get my cell phone topped off, and to buy my fiance R a birthday gift, a webcam so we can talk more.

Yeah, my life is pretty weird.

6:41 pm - Monday, May. 28, 2018


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