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multitudes whitman

I'm here, at the lover's house.

The fan is on, and YouTube is playing Odesza.

Some days I wish I were dead, and some days I don't.

And the internet says this is weird? That I'm suicidal?

I can't tell if this is just where my brain goes when I'm stressed, or if I actually consider death regularly, as a casual aside.

An affair is the kind of thing you just can't talk to people about.

They could judge you.

But the interesting thing is, since I'm in a long distance relationship...some of the people who have found out, or who I have told? Some don't care. They feel for me. They actually understand that a person could love one, and another. That a person can be conflicted.

Rabbi Sari speaks to this in one of her High Holy Day sermons. About "Yes, And," how it relates to improv, and an individual's many facets.

We contain multitudes. We can be white and black, and every gray in between.

I have had many lives, and will continue to do so. And they'll all be here, on display for all of no one.

10:32 pm - Sunday, Jul. 01, 2018


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