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This diary background is starting to annoy me. Lime green on black? I don't want to be so emo.

Today I have a "day off," because the temple doesn't need me for anything.

So I'm looking at cars and jobs, and want to get a five mile walk in.

Going to do a bunch of chores, since I can.

Iago and I had a great time last weekend, for most of the time. We didn't fight too much, but a bit.

He's a highly impatient person, so we're an interesting match. I'm highly patient, and like to take my time.

We went to the AFI film fest and saw some shorts, and a couple of longs. Ha.

We had our first couple-y photo, in front of the AFI logo. The hired photographer that was there saw us taking photos of each other, and offered to help us out. It was nice.

This coming weekend, he says he's working again. There's a card on his fridge from someone who says she misses him. There's no signature, but from the handwriting, I think it's a woman. She's from out of town, I gather. It says, "I'll visit the 17-18th."

That's this weekend. So he may have a date, or a friend with benefits. I knew when I met him that he had one who came into town every now and again.

So maybe that card is from her. It has cats smiling on it. She has a cat and a dog, from the signature of her card...and yet, she has not signed her name. Just "woof" and "meow" from her pets.

I guess it's a bit funny, since he hates dogs and feels meh about cats.

Maybe she's like me, maybe she has a fiance and just sleeps with him.

I can't help but wonder what he's doing this weekend, and with whom. I do care about him, and like him. Whether or not it's "fair" is besides the point. I hope he's not seeing someone else, whether fair or not.

Meanwhile it might be a comfort if R cheated on me. Because then we'd be on the same page, and could start from scratch. I'm so much different than I once was. But damnit, I need a car so badly. A car changes everything.

I'm looking at a red smart car that happens to be a convertible, too. I had no idea that it was a convertible until partway through the search. It's an 08. I really hope it works out. Low mileage, and one owner -- never leased or in a fleet.

In the meantime, as Hannah Hart says -- when you have a great idea, don't tell people about it.

In about three weeks, there's a guild holiday party for 125 at a local museum. I doubt I'll be able to afford it...but a girl can dream.

Eddies tickets are 400 this year. But it's free to hang out in the lobby. :)

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