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Post PAs and Smarts

Well, yesterday I bought a Smart car.

It's reddish orange, and was $7k.

Payments are 160 before the warranty I purchased, which brings that figure to 221.

To be fully insured, it's 170.

So that's 391, without including gas, which I predict is 38/wk. That comes out to 543 per month. Currently I'm paying about 440 to get around the city with public transit + uber/lyft.

The only downside...

Iago says I need a bigger car to be a Post Production Asst.

He also doesn't fit in Smarts too well. (He's not chubby, nor tall, just kind of large.)

I didn't buy it to annoy him.

I'm going to ask around about Smarts + Post PAing, and see what I hear.

Maybe I'll get a Honda Fit instead...really wish I knew the right decision. Toyota Yaris is also pretty good...

I also just wish this car search was over.

5:30 pm - Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018


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