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Last night I worked a screening that I never did sign an NDA for. I was a greeter, and it was for a blaxploitation film.

The editor walked up, a guy I had never seen before -- but he looked a little familiar. Turns out he edited Black Snake Moan, and many others.

He said, "I've seen this film many times. Many, MANY times, I'm the editor!" Of course I was immediately impressed. I said, "that's what I want to do!"

He was very sweet, and never formally introduced himself, but because I knew the screening's title, it was quite easy to find him on IMDB. And he's an ACE!

The meeting breathed new life into me that night. I'm in the right city, making the right moves, to the right future.

It's a rainy day here in LA. It was a day off from the temple.

3:59 pm - Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018


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