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stop worrying about other candidates!

A couple of great words of advice from the internets:

Stop worrying about other candidates

Too often we think about things that we have no control over, and I’ve seen this with lots of people, where there confidence can be drained by a perception of how good the other candidates are.

In group assessments, candidates can chat and sometimes the most confident people or the people with the most experience can make you feel like a fraud to be there. You need to ignore that, people don’t invite people to interviews if they don’t think they are capable of doing the job. So always remember you are in the running, you stand a chance and you have as much right to be there as anyone else. Act like the boss that you know you one day will become… be quietly confident and know and make sure that you give it your best shot.

Don’t be influenced by other people

That friend that passively aggressively tells you it will be tough to get that job, your parents who believe you should be an accountant and the love of your life sows seeds of doubt about your ability to get the job.. those voices can play over and over again in your head. So much so that by the time you even arrive at the interview that you already firmly believe that you won’t get the job. Voices can crop up in the middle of the interview “listen to yourself, you don’t know what you are talking about” so when you hear those voices, politely or not that politely tell them to go away.. It’s all about you!


It's true -- ALL of it. I have that colleague, those parents, and that love of my life. I even have that lover. And they do -- they all discourage me at one point or another.

It has taken me so long to learn to pick and choose what advice I take, and from whom. I'm so glad I'm finally starting to figure it out.

Also difficult is accepting people who are in some ways my friends/family/loves, and in some ways not. It's a challenge, to only accept someone partly.

Because you do, you want to love them wholly. But you can't, and that's okay.

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