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Another day, another personality quiz.

This one is from the Psychologies site.

You Are Driven By Spirit

You are definitely drawn to the spiritual side of life. Perhaps you believe in divine intervention or guardian angels. In any case, you feel like someone up there is watching over you, and this gives you strength. You are inward looking. You like to meditate or pray, and you look to a higher force to guide you through life. You are wise enough to know how, and when, to question your own actions, and how to advise others. In turn, others listen to you because they know you’re not interested in power games. You might be introspective sometimes, but your belief in justice makes you an active member of society. However, while your desire to do good is admirable, you mustn’t forget to look after yourself as well as others. Stay true to your ideals. You’ll make a better future for yourself, but try to stay grounded, too.

Not interested in power games, that's definitely true. Much of this is. I'm not sure I know when to question my own actions, but we're all biased when looking at ourselves.

9:24 pm - Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018


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