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autodidact, plus formal education

I just realized something:

I need to accept that Iago will probably never be my mentor.

And neither will K.

I need to bark up more avenues, many more avenues. And that's how networking works, anyway. You don't shadow one person, you shadow many. You ask a lot of questions.

You must self-teach, AND get formal education. That's what successful creative people do, they don't settle for one or the other.

That last sentence is drawn from my creative problem solving class notes, from college.

Iago and K are not gods. They are bullies, oftentimes, and they don't know everything. My future in editing doesn't rest upon their heads or hands, it's all on me and whoever else I seek out.

Don't try to work with difficult people - because then you will only work with difficult people.

9:38 pm - Tuesday, Mar. 05, 2019


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