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pursuing art

"My dad always told me to pursue art over money." - Gaby Dunn, handing her dad her published book

I keep imagining meeting my heroes by sitting at the desk at the temple. What opportunity! I could bump into a celebrity! But the thing is, I'm imagining meeting those celebrities, not being them.

I'm not chasing celebrity, I'm chasing the making of art. I want to be an art maker. I don't just want to MEET art makers at interesting parties and bars.

There was something else recently that happened that justified me quitting to go be a Post PA, but I don't know exactly what it was.

It's frightening, but these signs from God (like Gaby's tweet) and my realization that sitting at the temple desk won't do any good --

they are helpful in pushing me forward, into the exciting, scary future.

R comes to visit in 2 weeks.

Today is my last day of antibiotics (I had a bladder & yeast infection.)

I have called in sick because I haven't been able to sleep, and now my throat hurts, too. I am le tired.

12:38 pm - Monday, May. 13, 2019


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