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Will I need to move over to another diary provider?

Our DL FB group is saying some people can't access their old posts, and one person even says Andrew is trying to extort $20 from her just to access her diary at all?


In other news, I am avoiding Iago.

R came to visit last weekend.

We went to Malibu for hiking, and also checked out Zuma Beach. It was super overcast.

We had Korean BBQ, fancy boba tea in a lightbulb, a walk about K-town.

We even went to the Griffith Observatory, only this time we got to go to the museum. (Last time we tried to visit, it was their 1 day a week they were closed.) That day, we just hiked around the museum, since that's another cool thing about the area around the observatory.

How am I feeling?

Like normal, I

On Monday, I'll finally meet up with a Post Sup to discuss Post PAing. I'm excited about it, but a little nervous. It'll be at a bar. There will be editors there. It will be SO much better than going to a networking event, because people know who I am, and what I'm looking for. They know I'm a newbie already - and they are willing to say hi.

It's basically their happy hour. <3 No one else competing for the networking spotlight.

I'm sooooooo excited! I just can't hide it!

(But also, I'm super sleep deprived, hahaha.)

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