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stuck in a tire shop

Something just hit me like a hammer in the head.

Last weekend, when R was visiting, the first thing we did was go to a tire center to get my vehicle checked out.

It reminded me today of the last episode of Crazy Ex GF.

In that episode, Rebecca goes on a date with all three of her loves:

1. A romantic date with Josh.
2. A romantic date with Nathaniel.
3. Greg's tire is flat, so they're stuck in a tire shop. But they're happy, they're giggly, and he says to her, "you're the love of my life. Did you know that?" She says, "No, but I do now."

That third date is an authentic look at a real relationship. They don't care where they are - a tire shop - they're just happy to be there, together. They have a naturalness, they're in sync. They enjoy each other.

And that's R and I.

10:03 am - Saturday, Jun. 08, 2019


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