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competitive boastmanship at networking events

I'm realizing why Iago was a person I met at a networking event. When I met him, he was on his first feature film, as an editor. It was an exciting time for him!

I don't think he goes to networking events often, probably because he doesn't want to go if he has nothing to boast about.

I'm experiencing the same thing now. Because I have this gig, I actually have something to discuss. So I'm super excited to network. I'm not missing ANY networking events.

(Save for the board game day on July 4th, I was walking dogs that day to buy a keyboard cover.)

He may finally leave me alone now. I've politely rejected him about four times. When he asked via text if I was mad at him, I told him "I just wonder how we are going to move forward if we keep hanging out." He responded "I understand," and we've said nothing since. We obviously miss each other. It's tough. I'm experiencing a breakup, but one I cannot talk about at all.

4:16 pm - Sunday, Jul. 07, 2019


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