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be true to yourself and romance

Yep, I'm in love with "Andre." He's beautiful.

His eyes are blue green. Like mine. They change, depending on what he's wearing.

He plays a great straight man.

He has acted opposite Billy Crys, opposite Larry Dave.

He helped create one of the most famous improv theaters in the big apple.

A prince of comedy. Not a king, that would be too much. But a prince.

He may be out of my league, but I am still SO into him.

My therapist has encouraged me not to worry about leagues, and I have listened.

He even has enough money that having a kid could be an option, although I'm still not sure I'd want that.

I want to take him aside and just kiss him into infinity. Get on his lap and writhe around.

Lay on the grass looking at clouds, talking about hopes and dreams.

Suck his cock, and cuddle.

Make breakfast with him.

It's frustrating, sexually and romantically. I am very pent up.

I keep thinking of scenarios in which either he or I admit we like each other -- or other scenarios, in which we kiss or touch for the first time. An accidental hand graze sounds like the sexiest thing on earth.

It will end soon with R, I have a feeling.

"Be true to yourself and romance."

- the most creative New Year's Resolution I've ever had. It means that if your relationship isn't working, you need to bail.

8:46 pm - Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019


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