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on video games

A couple of thoughts about video games:

1. Make no more games that you cannot pause at any moment.

2. Make no more games that you cannot save at any moment. (In other words, no "check points" are required to save your game.)

This erases some of the evil surrounding video games.

A family member needs you? Press pause, and save. Easy. That's a no brainer.

But when we can't save at any point, and we can't pause at any point, then the game *can* take more of our attention away from what's really important. Our family, our goals, etc.

I recognize that in a world of playing games in real time, this is unrealistic. You're not going to be able to pause and save a real time game without annoying some of the players.

But I'm an idealist, so it's fine to think of these things.

11:45 am - Friday, Apr. 17, 2020


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