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how to seem smart

I read an article on how to seem smart, on the internet. I feel that people underestimate my intelligence...and I feel insecure about my own intelligence as it is.

So here's a quick summary:

1. Include your middle initial. So you are now Sally J. Friedman, instead of Sally Friedman.

2. At work, make graphs. It will make your presentations and papers stand out.

3. Skip the drinking. If you are holding an alcoholic beverage, people will assume you are intoxicated, and a less intelligent person generally. (Turns out sipping a glass of red doesn't even help, it still negates your percieved intelligence.)

4. Believe in yourself, and be confident. When you do this, two things happen: a) Your performance at any given task will improve, and b) people will believe you are smarter. It's win-win.

5. Write simply. Don't use big words, communicate clearly.

6. Speak expressively. Use hand gestures, vary your volume, rhythm, and pitch. Speak a little louder and faster.

7. Look people in the eye.

8. Wear your thick, nerdy glasses! Thick, full-framed glasses are great.

9. Keep pace with those around you. Don't go faster or slower than the crowd.

10. Dress well, and don't show a lot of skin.

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