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R, Creg, and Coast

Today I walked 6.7 miles.

Yesterday on my walk, I met a 31 year old guy named Creg. He was interesting, bit of a hippie, cute, weird.

An assistant editor in reality tv. He has no facebook. He's on IMDB, but it's not current. He's Jewish. Kind of an adventurer type. Was going to buy a one way ticket somewhere to explore...but then Covid happened.

We were kind of hitting it off, and he "took" me to a pretty area near the LA river, where I don't normally walk. He said he goes to that area more often now, because he's gotten sick of the other places.

He's rather cute. Bored of being an AE. Started out as a Post PA.

We've been texting a bit. It's nice banter. A fun distraction.

On the tinder front, I've met a guy named Coast. He's ALSO not on facebook, which is nice. He's 37. He moved here in January, just in time for the pandemic to start.

I miss R.

I haven't filled out UI stuff. I don't know why I sabotage myself this way.

I'm thinking of quitting therapy. And R. And never going back to my old job. And moving to a new apartment.

Really rip off the bandaid, and start anew.

11:20 pm - Thursday, May. 07, 2020


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