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marry yourself

Memoirist. Now that could be interesting.

I'm sitting here with Creg, and he's playing bass in the nude. It's his favorite composer on the speakers, some video game composer. A woman.

I guess I shouldn't be jealous, he did speak of being "in love" with her, but I know it's only in a fanboy kind of way.

I'm not sure how I know that, but I do.

I lost my engagement ring a second time. The place R and I bought it at has closed its doors -- and I can't recall the name of the jeweler, either.

I was looking at rings, contemplating replacing it again.

Then I began to consider self-marriage.

I've told Creg that I'll speak to my mother about R. I'd like her feedback. Maybe speaking to her will bring clarity.

Maybe I will finally break it off with R after talking to her.

6:24 pm - Friday, Aug. 14, 2020


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