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From the Wikipedia on Lars von Trier:

Von Trier suffers from various fears and phobias, including an intense fear of flying. This fear frequently places severe constraints on him and his crew, necessitating that virtually all of his films be shot in either Denmark or Sweden. As he quipped in an interview, "Basically, I'm afraid of everything in life, except film making."

I'm sure many feel the opposite.


Creg was telling me about Dancer in the Dark, one of his movies starring Bjork.

Apparently he harassed her verbally and physically on the set of the film. She never made another movie after that.

Also, he said some very anti-semitic remarks during an interview in 2011, at Cannes.

He was banned from the festival, but they played his film anyway (Melancholia.) He apologized formally, and publicly, and stated that he was not sober.

Years later, in 2019, he said he made those anti-semitic remarks at "the only press conference I ever had when I was sober."

That's some bait and switch nazi ass bullshit.

11:12 am - Monday, Aug. 31, 2020


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