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too loyal to his family

I just realized something.

R has always helped his family. Even when he got his degree, he lived at home. He helped his family business -- the local newspaper business. He had loads of potential to do more, with his computer science degree. He didn't have to work in IT -- he could have done more.

He has also lived for years and years with his alcoholic and drug dealing cousin. Maybe he gets an ego boost from being a "nice guy" for doing that, too.

He stuck with his family, and his ego was probably rewarded for it. I'm sure his parents were happy to have him along. They used him. He wasn't goal oriented -- he let the wind guide him -- and so his parents took the wheel.

For TEN YEARS, he delivered newspapers. Ten years!

They had a qualified coder throwing papers out the truck window and into gardens.

But now the computer languages he learned aren't even popularly used anymore. So even if he could remember them, he's still useless. Unless he takes courses and brushes up on his skills, of course.

So why then would this be any different? Why wouldn't he stick by his family and stay stuck in Texas?

Why would I ever think he'd leave?

12:03 am - Monday, Sept. 21, 2020


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