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cuddling internist gone wild

So...the cuddling internist! We um...well, things escalated! Consensually. It was awesome.

He's into some kinky stuff, too.

He has some restrictions -- no bodily fluid exchanges, so he used my vibrator on me, I washed up, and then I gave him a handjob with some lotion. He liked lots of perineum action.

And there's no kissing on the lips.

But we can talk as dirty as we want!

He hadn't had an orgasm in the last 16 days, so it was a big one.

He has a wife who recently had a baby, and is on board with all of this. She wasn't big on affection pre-baby, and is less so post. And that's takes awhile to return to wanting to have sex.

He has a Dominatrix friend -- she told him he couldn't come for a certain number of days, and recently that time period passed, but he still didn't relieve himself until today.

He's on the site for cuddling, but potentially also some sexuality. I guess that means he's getting neither from his wife. And while not wanting sex after a baby is totally normal, not wanting cuddling? That's a really tough spot.

He says he's working on himself. I have to wonder though, is deciding to not like touch something you can really *work* on? If your love language is touch, your love language is touch. There's not a lot you can do about that.

The wife is also an internist.


Note to self: buy latex gloves at the sex store. 'Cause he can use those.

I'm smiling ear to ear. My body really needed that.

And...I told him about Creg, and how I missed him, and what being with him was like. He said that when I opened up like that, he was really attracted to me. That the authenticity was a turn on.

I need to work on being more authentic, generally. At least that's what I'm hearing from the universe.

10:00 pm - Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020


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