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the most judgmental are the most insecure

This bit is from a Reddit comment, and I like how it ties in with my own roommate:

"The most judgmental are also the most insecure, and the most insecure people on this planet are teenage girls.

You shouldn't care for what she says to you because you're an adult with years more experience and responsibility than her. She does not have that at all, and no matter what she says you shouldn't give a fuck."

This was on a thread about a 14 year old girl being miffed that her (either uncle or aunt) is living with the family due to Covid.

The original post hit close to home:

"I surmise that she thinks of my staying in the house as an invasion of her space. Apparently, anything I do is calculated to annoy her. Stretching and making a noise when I wake up is 'sarcastic sighing.' Asking her to bring down any dishes she might have in her room requires her to text her mother and her mother to text me. Saying anything negative about a show she's watching is the same as criticizing her just like saying that existential humor isn't unique to her generation is talking shit about her generation."

So now I have a specific mental age for my roommate -- she's 14.

1:31 am - Monday, Nov. 16, 2020


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