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I'm doing an exercise from the book "It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken."

List 10 Places You Could Run Into Your Ex:

1. Lake Bal. Park
2. The Coffee Fix
3. Topanga Beach (severely overrated anyway)
4. M Street Coffee??? Really??? UGH!
5. Jazz Clubs In General (easy -- not open due to Covid)
6. My local grocery store...UGH.
7. That one brunch place.
8. The pancake place and CD store near his apartment.
9. The smoothie place near his apartment.
10. The coffee place near his apartment.
11. His work, and the Mexican food place near it.

List 10 Places You Will Force Yourself To Go Instead:

1. Lake Hollywood Reservoir, and dog park
2. Bella Bakery
3. Santa Monica Beach
4. Manhattan Beach
5. Channel Islands Beach
6. Philz Coffee
7. Corner Bakery
8. Trader Joe's
9. Jamba Juice
10. Google "places to rollerblade in LA" and find some
11. World on Wheels
12. Dance Soho
13. Sharky's, if out-to-eat Mexican food is a must
14. Hike in places that are longer than 6 miles, just to show him up!

6:37 pm - Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020


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