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I went to college with a woman named, we'll call her...

Jean Orange.

So, Jean was a really mean co-student, and I would try to connect with her, to be intentionally nice to her. But she was always a jerk back. One day I congratulated her on progress, and held up my hand to high five her. She told me that no, she wasn't totally done with her studies, she wasn't going to high five me.

At that point I gave up.

Well, when we were in college she worked at a chain casual clothing store called "Elderly Shade of Blue." She was an assistant manager.

Guess what she's doing now?

The same damn thing, just four years later.

So sometimes these things do work out...sometimes people get exactly what's coming to them.

I feel relieved.

There are people like my roommate, who are awful and narcissistic, and they seem to get whatever they want.

Then there are the Jean Oranges of the world.

Let us not forget the Jean Oranges!

12:17 am - Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020


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